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Zip Code 20904

Fairland Green Sign
Fairland Green
Musgrove Road & Hawkshead Terrace, Silver Spring, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

Fairland Green is a community which befits its name; it is filled with neatly tended yards and lots of trees. It is surrounded by Calverton-Galway Park which was dedicated just . . . (click link to continue)

Tanglewood Sign
Fairland Road & Brahms Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

Tanglewood is a name that conjures up images of an old English village, in actuality it is named after the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Built in the mid 1980's, Tanglewood is a community of visually appealing homes and green spaces. Like any village, there is a village green (right next to the village pool), lots of trees . . . (click link to continue)

Marlow Farm Sign
Marlow Farm
Fairland Road & Marlow Farm Terrace, Silver Spring, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

Marlow Farm is the most recent addition to the Calverton-Deer Park area. This infill project is presently still under construction, however most of the thirty-seven homes are already occupied. Even at its infancy Marlow Farm has a lot to offer with its stately brick residences made complete with elegant details, large windows and neatly sodded yards. Although the traditional designs of these homes make them easy to find almost anywhere, there certainly must be something special about Marlow Farm . . . (click link to continue)

Fairland Park House Trail through Fairland Park

Fairland Park
Fairland Road and Copland Court, Silver Spring, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

Fairland Park is a development of about 150 garage and non-garage townhomes built in the late 1980's. The community's layout is rather odd; about one-third of these homes sit on Copland Court, off of Fairland Road - while the other two-thirds are arranged around Stravinsky Terrace in what is often considered to be part of Tanglewood. These are spacious, luxurious townhomes affordably priced from the mid $200's. Community features include ample parking, a tot lot, walking/jogging trails, a nearby bus stop and easy access to Columbia Pike. However, the surrounding trees and fields are in store for major development. Parker Memorial Church has been planning to build a 1,800-seat facility on twelve acres next to the property for the past several years. In addition, the InterCounty Connector right of way is located directly behind and adjacent to the development. The construction of either could drastically affect the quality of life in the community. Click here for more information.

Fairland Court (no picture available)
Fairland Road, Silver Spring, Maryland
Cross Creek Club Area

Fairland Court is the newest addition to the Calverton area. Having begun advertising just recently, Ryan Homes will be building four new single-family homes on 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots adjacent to Cross Creek Club on Fairland Road. According to the builder, prices will begin from the mid $400s. The New Urban Suburbanite will keep you posted on this, the newest of the new developments.

Cross Creek Club House
Cross Creek Club
Fairland Road & Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring/Beltsville, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

I first visited Cross Creek Club in 1998 when the first models opened. In a close-in area where many builders had previously passed over for larger parcels, any large development, let alone a golf course community, seemed out of place. This is not your typical elitist golf course like Hampshire Greens, but instead a neighborhood for people who would rather play golf than watch others . . . click link to continue

Galway Elementary School
Cherry Hill Road & Calverton Boulevard, Silver Spring/Beltsville, Maryland
Calverton Area
The Unofficial Homepage for Calverton, Maryland
NOTE: The Review for Calverton was accidentally deleted. As soon as a new copy can be located it will be re-posted. Thank you.

Many may refer to Calverton as an boundless jurisdiction similar to Colesville or Fairland, but in actuality it is simply a large planned community. Reflecting other communities of its time, there are hundreds of homes but approximately five distinct models. However, no two homes are really alike, as many homes have additions or landscaping that set them apart . . . (click link to continue)

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All Pictures, with the exception of those for Cross Creek Club and Calverton, are the property of Daniel Reed. However, they were not taken with permission from the owners of the properties represented.