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"Student Lays Out Foundations for New-Urban Community
Written by Sue Bai and Christina Cheung
Friday, May 9, 2003
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Beyond the roar of cars and the sight of crowded bus stops, there exists a community where adults walk to work, teenagers saunter to the movies and chlidren skip to the ice cream store, just a few blocks away.

This is sophomore Daniel Hatcher's ideal new-urban neighborhood.

Through his website, "New Urban Suburbanite" at, up since September 2001, Hatcher pushes New Urbanism, a movement that seeks a return to the small towns of yesteryear where people live, work and shop in one, concentrated community.

Says Hatcher, "We can't ever go back to the towns from the 1920's, but we can bring back their charm and livability."

At age five, Hatcher had already showing an interest in architecture. In addition to drawing houses, he purchased home-plan magazines. At age 11, he found an article about New Urbanism. Says Hatcher, "At first I was repulsed by [New Urbanism], but later I knew this was what I wanted to do."

Inspired by the architectural firm Looney Ricks Kiss, which is "known for designs with mixed characters of old dreams and modern accomodations," Hatcher hopes to further the architectural movement of New Urbanism, begun in 1981 by the firm Duany Plater-Zyberk.

While Hatcher says his website is "still a bedroom operation," he has already been approached by an employee who works for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, as an "architectural hobbyist," Hatcher, restrained from providing professional opinions, can only offer his website as a resource for questing buyers.

Hatcher plans to study at the University of Maryland and hopes to have his own architectural firm after college. He says, "I want to design houses, office buildings, shopping centers, and even symphony halls [and create] a place, almost a utopian dream, where people can live in harmony."

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