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The New Urban Suburbanite's Review of Fairland Green

About Fairland Green

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Hawkshead Terrace Fall on Hawkshead Terrace Looking Down Summer Hill Terrace Looking Up Summer Hill Terrace Coscan - Split Level Model - 1986
Homes on a Shared Driveway Coscan - Split Level Model - 1986 Coscan - The Devonshire - 1987 Coscan - The Devonshire - 1986 Coscan - The Devonshire - 1986
Coscan - Colonial Model - 1986 Coscan - Colonial Model - 1986 Coscan - The Grayson - 1992 Homes with Sunrooms and Trellises Looking Down Hawkshead Terrace
Coscan - Walden Model - 1992 Coscan - Walden and Grayson Models - 1992 Deer Ridge During the Presidents' Day Storm No Two Homes are Exactly Alike No Two Homes are Exactly Alike
Townhomes on Deer Ridge Court Townhomes Backing to a Pond Note the Mix of Singles and Townhomes The 'Center' of Fairland Green
"Deer Park," Kettler Forlines Homes, circa 1990.

Looking Down Marlow Road Towards Calverton-Galway Park Marlow Place Deer Ridge Drive Between Houses on Deer Ridge Kettler - The Lee - 1990
Kettler - The Lee - 1990 Kettler - The Lee (Different Elevation) - 1990 Kettler - The Lee - 1990 Kettler Split Level - 1990 Kettler Split Level - 1990
Kettler Split Level - 1990 Kettler - The Franklin - Winner, Finest for Family Living Award, 1992 Kettler - The Franklin Kettler - The Franklin

Fairland Green Sign
Fairland Green/Deer Park
Musgrove Road & Hawkshead Terrace, Silver Spring, Maryland
Calverton-Deer Park Area

Fairland Green is a community which befits its name; it is filled with neatly tended yards and lots of trees. It is surrounded by Calverton-Galway Park which was dedicated just two years ago. Although lots sizes are rather small (7,000-8,000 square feet) there are lots of open areas.

This community was built in three separate phases. From 1985 to 1987 Coscan Homes, then known as Costain Limited (now Brookfield Homes) built forty-nine single family homes along Summer Hill Court and Terrace along with parts of Hawkshead Court and Terrace. Around 1990,Kettler Forlines Homes built fifty-one more single family homes along Deer Ridge Court and Marlow Place and Road along with a few on Fairland Road. However, on their website, Kettler credits this development as "Deer Park" and not a part of Fairland Green. From 1992 to 1994 Coscan returned with forty-two larger single family homes along Hawkshead Court and Terrace, Hershfield and Antler and thirteen townhomes at the end of Antler Court. In addition, Kettler Forlines built fifty-two townhomes along Hawkshead Terrace and Deer Ridge Drive. Both sections of townhomes include a number of Moderately Priced Dwelling Units.

Architectural influences in Fairland Green include Georgian/Federal, Saltbox and Colonial/Farmhouse. Many of the single-family homes feature soaring vaulted ceilings, flexible living spaces and innovative layouts which cannot be found elsewhere. Home styles include eight single-family models and two or three townhome models. Coscan built three models, The Devonshire and one split-level design (pictured above), along with a smaller colonial design in its first phase which today can sell from the low to mid $300's. During its second phase, they offered two additional models, The Grayson and The Walden which can sell from the high $300's to low $400's. Kettler Forlines' three models include The Lee, a colonial design, The Franklin, a split-level design, along with another split-level design which presently sell from the mid to high $300's. Kettler's and Coscan's townhomes include two or three models and sell from the high $100's and low $200's, while MPDUs presently sell for less than half of that.

Fairland Green has a wide range of residents to complement its generous assortment of housing. There are many childless couples along with large families with children of all ages. This community is very diverse and rather close; neighborhood events include HOA functions along with "Circle Parties" - held in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Fairland Greens does have a Homeowners' Association which holds meetings each week. Recycling is managed by the HOA, however trash pickup and street maintenance are not.

Although it is located off of Columbia Pike, Fairland Green is a reasonably quiet community which does not suffer from some of the ills of suburban living. The layout is a mixture of through-streets and cul-de-sacs making for little traffic (and ample parking). Fairland Green is a short walk to an elementary school, a baptist church, a public pool and a park along with the Verizon campus. A short drive will take you to several shopping malls giving you a wide choice of shopping. It is known that you can choose between two McDonald's, two Wendy's, two Subways and two Baskin Robbins if you are looking for fast food nearby. Fairland Greens is less than twenty minutes from Washington, DC and many other work centers. Schools include Galway Elementary School, Briggs Chaney Middle School, three parochial schools and Northeast Consortium High Schools. The Northeast Consortium allows students to choose their high school and can be accessed here.

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